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Wyrażam zgodę na otrzymywanie drogą elektroniczną Przewodnika EduBroker przygotowanego przez firmę EduBroker Sp. z o.o. zgodnie z wybranymi przeze mnie tematami (zgodnie z Ustawą z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r. o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną (Dz.U. z 2002r, nr 144 poz. 1204 ustawy z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r.).
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EduBroker is a first consulting company operating on the training market in Poland. We have more than ten years of experience and with each year we bring to the highest standards our offer targeted at companies interested in growth and development of their employees. Our work ethics requires objectiveness, reliability and individual approach to each client. Our assets are the master knowledge of the training market, monitoring new trends in the training field and gathering latest opinions and recommendations about the instructors and training companies. Working with us, your company will benefit from a real support in the area of personnel management. The support which will be reflected in the financial results of your firm.

Our basic service provides the professional consulting in the process of choosing the training suppliers. We will assist your company with specifying the needs and as a next step we will recommend offers that best suit them.

Your company can also benefit from the outsourced trainings logistics, always counting on us when it comes to technical aspects.

Most comprehensive and most beneficial offer equals the completely outsourced system of trainings: we take care of open class as well as personalized trainings for closed groups, conferences, seminars and congresses: from specifying company’s needs, through working on budget arrangements to establishing cooperation with the best training suppliers.


Why it is beneficial for your company to outsource the trainings with us?
    Decrease in the cost of operating an internal training department gives HR managers space to focus on coordinating the processes. The company is also able to maximize resources on its core business.
    The high quality of the trainings is ensured thanks to the master knowledge of the training market and experience of EduBroker consultants. Any possible complaints are managed by our company on behalf of our client.
    Most effective instructors and training companies will be available to strengthen the resources of your company. We constantly influx our database with the latest opinions and recommendations about instructors and training companies.
    The cost of trainings, seminars and conferences is reduced thanks to the volume of our realizations with partner training companies. We successfully negotiate the best prices for your organization.
    The possibility of the training being called off is minimized thanks to the consolidation of the training needs among clients of EduBroker.
    EduBroker manages all the accounting with training companies. Your company does not have to deal anymore with thousands of suppliers.


You will not find the word “impossible” in our dictionary. We will effectively guide your company into realization of all kinds of trainings you need. EduBroker takes care of long-term development of your employees. If necessary, we can organize a training in any corner of the world. Meet our staff; our Board and Training Consultants. Learn about our experience, specializations and passions. Let’s work together!


  • On our website you can find the latest information about upcoming conferences, trainings, seminars and congresses in the field of IT, HR, finance and banking, law, management, marketing, PR, selling, business competences and personal development.
  • Trainings, seminars, conferences and congresses that we recommend come from our trusted training partners. What distinguishes them from other events is the IDEA 4G – idea of four guarantees – top quality, confirmed date, excellent price and customer satisfaction. Carefully selected events, as well as training games and publications about new training solutions can be purchased in our IDEA SHOP. Take advantage of the special offers prepared for EduBroker’s customers.
  • To provide our clients the latest information about upcoming events we are preparing personalized training newsletter IDEA. It contains information about recommended events by our trusted partners and special offers prepared for EduBroker’s customers. The clients can customize IDEA newsletter according to their areas of interests or the company’s needs. The IDEA is a brilliant summary on the multitude of trainings and conferences organized across Poland.
  • IDEA STORE magazine delves into subjects related to the area of professional trainings. It gives an opportunity to enhance knowledge and check out the new solutions in the field. The contributors are our expert training partners.
  • IDEA STORE is also an on-line educational platform, which provides an opportunity to become acquainted with new trends and new effective methodologies in the area of professional training. The articles from the IDEA STORE magazine can be also found here. The contributors are our expert training partners.